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Once you come across Mid-Bay Bridge go all the way to Scenic 98. You will pass through Main 98 (4 lane) and keep going straight. You will dead end at the gulf. This is scenic 98. Take a left and go 2.1 miles. Crystal View will be on your left.

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The address of Crystal View 203 is 2440 Scenic Hwy 98.
Note that Scenic Hwy 98 is sometimes called Old Hwy 98 or Old Scenic 98.

Some GPS units do not mark the address correctly and if you are traveling down I-65 to Destin we have a much shorter route than 331 which most GPS units will direct you.

If you are traveling down I-65 this route is much quicker than Hwy 331 that most GPS units will have you take. Also Hwy 331 on Saturdays will be crowded with tourist traffic.
Stay on I-65 through Montgomery.
Take the Georgiana exit which is about 16 miles past Greeneville.
From Georgiana take 31/55 to Andalusia.
In Andalusia take Hwy 15/29 south
Take Hwy 137 south toward Baker. This will turn to 189 in Florida.
The road will end at Hwy 90. Take left. Go 1 mile and turn right at traffic light on Antioch Rd.
Antioch Road will dead end at Hwy 85. This 4 lane will take you to Niceville.
In Niceville take left. About 7 miles you will see turn to Mid-Bay Bridge. There will be signs.

Directions From Mid-Bay Bridge
NOTE: Mid-Bay Bridge is a Toll – $2.50 for cars
After you cross Mid-Bay bridge keep going straight until the road ends. This will be Scenic Hwy 98. Please note you will cross Hwy 98, a 4 lane, before getting to Scenic Hwy 98. Do not turn on Hwy 98 just keep going straight through the light until the road ends.

Take a left on Scenic 98 and Crystal View 203 will be 2.1 miles down on your left.