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Internet Access

Wi-Fi ID and Password
To connect to the Internet please refer to the Info package you received or the info package in the condo. The wireless Internet ID will be in the package as well as the password.

Internet equipment is in Master Bedroom on top of TV.
Please leave all cables plugged in.


Please try this before calling.

If Internet is not working:

1. Check lights on equipment:
On the router (LINKSYS) you should see a blinking light above Internet.
On the cable modem all lights except TEST should be lit. The DATA light is usually blinking
If all lights are OK recheck your settings on your computer. Depending on your system you should have some type wireless software to handle you connections. Make sure you type in cryview203 for your SSID. This is the ID to connect to our network. There are other wireless systems in the area so be sure you are not connected to them.

2. Reboot equipment
Simply turn off power strip. Wait 3 seconds and turn back on. Give everything about 30 seconds and you should see all lights active again.

3. Use ethernet cable. We have ethernet cable you can plug your computer into. If you do not understand your SSID settings you can research your system online by using ethernet cable.

4. If nothing seems to work feel free to contact us.

TV Operation

Master Bedroom

The TV in master bedroom has a digital box. The TV itself must be on channel 3. Use the Black remote with the Z to
set volume and channel.

The silver COX cable remote will let you view the channel guide. If it is not on simply press Cable then Power.
You should then see the channel guide.


The 46″ Sony LCD TV in the den is a HD digital TV.

The TV must be on VIDEO INPUT 6. To change VIDEO INPUT use the silver Sony TV remote and press the TV/VIDEO button. You will see the input at the top left.

Use the silver COX remote to operate the channel guide. The GUIDE button will bring up the Channel Guide.

A TV channel list on the coffee table tray will list all channels.

NOTE: HD Channels start above 700

DVD player

The DVD player is on VIDEO INPUT 7. Use the silver Sony TV remote and pres TV/VIDEO button to select input 7.

The black Toshiba remote operates the DVD player.